Slim-line av-amps?


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Aug 19, 2006
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All the av-amps I know are quite massive and sometimes even hard to fit in a regular furniture-shop av stand.

So I´m looking for a more slim-line model without sacrifying the quality.

Any ideas?
What are the disadvantages of pure digital amplifiers?
Erhm.. Some people have reported they didn't like the sound. I have also seen people write that digital receivers can not drive electrostatic speakers (or have some problem with them). I don't know whether either statement is true or false. I know a few guys here on the forum have a Philips DFR9000 (not sold in the UK) and they are totally happy with it.

Best advice: Read a lot and visit a good hi-fi store and do a listening test. Then choose based upon your own experience.
I have SA-XR700 (I bought it about 3 month ago) paired with Mordaunt-Short 900i series speakers and I can’t say a bad word about this amp. It does everything I need and sound is superb.

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