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Slightly off topic, but about improving Sky HD picture quality


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SKY HD Box Upgrade : Better performance from your Sky Box - t...

Just seen that on Russ Andrews email, if I still had my Thomson box I would've got this work done. Looks like they pimp not only the PSU, but also the SPDIF output, HDMI output, and tuners too.

Although what would improve my Pace's PQ for the better would be (a) removal of blurry filter, (b) HDMI output of 576i.



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Sorry, since I was involved in testing the Thomson box in 2006 I can honestly say this is gibberish.
TheThe only thing that would make an difference (if any) if you have very long cables.
The tuner could have it's sensitivity improved so if you suffer from a poor signal that might help a bit but otherwise no difference.
Cooling is at the sides so cone feet? Hmm.
Upgrading the power supply capacitors helps unit life, check for somewhere that does that. I've heard Satcure mentioned.
Well at least it's not directional speaker cable. :suicide:


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Sorry, since I was involved in testing the Thomson box in 2006 I can honestly say this is gibberish.

Shame you didn't spot the Thomson box outputting the wrong 576i fields over component (and HDMI, with forced EDID) in your "testing". :p

Apparently in your "testing" you also missed that Thomson stb has a fan underneath the hard-disc which cools from underneath? Although I think "oak cone feet" may be nuts, but when I had a Thomson box I raised it on feet to increase airflow and it appeared to reduce the number of crashes. The Pace box I have now has even less cooling than the Thomson, but no fan underneath so I don't have this one up on feet and think "oak cone" unnecessary unless one likes the aesthetics. ;)

Satcure and others sell PSU not simply to extend life, but also to stop EMI interference with the tuners; when the PSU is failing it causes tuners to randomly stop working, although perhaps that's due to lack of consistent current in failing PSU?

Anyway, Russ Andrews is an (expensive) alternative to Satcure if someone wants to keep their Thomson Sky HD box, and thus component output; may not be that good for other Sky STB as £60 replacement for entire box is cheap enough.

Wonder what changes to SPDIF and HDMI output are? Shame there's no fix to output 576i rather than crappy 576p for SD!


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