Slight stutter on my new 65LG OLED


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Hey Guy’s
Wasn’t aware of a stutter issue until I purchased this set. This only happens on certain content on cable.
Youtube Apple TV is fine. Tried all the motion settings, no help. Here’s the interesting part, the only picture mode that
eliminates it is Game mode. I’m ok with that but why doesn’t it handle different frame rates like my old plasma.
Anyone have any suggestions how to correct it without being in game mode?


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Strange that game mode is the only one that works. Can you describe the problem in more detail?
Coming from the Video broadcast world, I would say its dropping frames. Anytime you have movement you literally see it skipping. Haven’t been able to get any of the motion setting to have any affect. Only see this on some channels like Lifetime and Hallmark. Commercials on those channels are fine. I’m assuming the movies are filmed at a low frame rate. My Plasma has no issues with these shows. Not sure why Game mode corrects this, but Game mode doesn’t look as good to me as HDR.


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Yeah that doesn't make sense, for low FPS game mode should make things even worse not better.

OLED's and LCD's are based on sample and hold technology which doesn't handle low FPS content very well without help from various compensation methods. plasmas do not use sample and hold so are not affected by this.

If the cable box is 60Hz output switch to the cinema preset and make sure real cinema is enabled, also set trumotion to custom and set the de-judder to somewhere in 5-10 (depending upon your tolerance) and deblur to 0.

It wont be perfect but it should remove some of the low FPS stutter, if this has no effect then I'm unsure as to what your experiencing, it must be something else ???

Try replacing the HDMI cable the set top box uses.


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I had a similar problem to yours with some commercials looking choppy. I have a Sony A8G and a cable box on one of my HDMI inputs. In my TV there are two settings for dejudder (included under the medium and high settings of "Cinemotion"). When I first got my TV and hadn't used things much I'd decided on medium because it seemed to give the best performance for when I was watching shows - I thought it locked onto video for dejuddering slightly better than the high setting (I could have been wrong though, it was close and I wasn't exactly a/b ing cable shows)

Your problem could be that the commercials are doubly juddered (juddered at the source and juddered going from cable box to TV), and so, some frames are displayed for longer than the time in milliseconds of normal, single judder of 24fps on 60hz.

Your TV just might not have the software required to compensate for it. I assume your TV's dejudder works like my TV's medium dejudder setting - on frame timing. It likely looks for the first and second time a frame is held for more or less time, and syncs itself for proper pulldown. If there's judder on top of that, you're SOL.
I think the high setting actively looks for frame changes, stores 2-3 frames in a buffer to be sampled and held at a steady pace. Slightly more work and probably with it's own problems causing, on average, more dropped frames than the standard way - so why it's a secondary option

If it's just commercials, I wouldn't worry about it. I only noticed needing to go from Medium to High on my TV's dejudder setting to fix commercials. Motion handling is one of the reasons to buy a Sony TV over other brands, they do it best. I wouldn't return the LG over it, but if it's affecting TV shows, you might have to.

edit: As far as I know, this isn't something reviewers look at. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.

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