Slight flickering/juddering on Sky+ ?



Hi all,

I have my Sky+ box connected to my projector by connecting an RGB SCART lead to the digibox and connecting that to a D5 component cable into the projector.

Picture is good, but I have noticed that when I am viewing the TV guide or indeed whenever there is some kind of graphical banner/caption on the screen, every 10 seconds or so the image "judders" a bit, i.e. shakes a bit to the left, almost like when you wiggle an aerial lead but less obvious.

Does anyone know if this is likely to be the digibox playing up a tad, or the way I have it connected to the PJ? It is not a huge problem, just a bit annoying. The best way to see it is to leave the TV Guide onscreen for 30 secs or so.

Any ideas?



Last night I tried various things to see if I could solve this juddering/flickering issue. I tried S-Video instead of Component, and also tried connecting the digibox to a CRT TV instead of the PJ (via RGB Scart).

With the TV there was zero flickering, but there was still flickering with the S-Video connection to the PJ, even on static pages such as the TV Guide. It is every few seconds and is quite annoying really. I experimented with watching a static DVD screen e.g. menu/title and it was 100% flicker free so it is definitely a PJ-digibox issue.

Does anyone have any ideas? It cannot be the PJ bulb/lamp as this would affect the DVD as well, and it cannot be solely the digibox as this would also show the flickering on the TV. It must be something about the two together, and it happens with both component (D5) and S-Video connections the same.


Many thanks all!


I have this problem as well, it drives me nuts when I notice it flickering, still no idea whats causeing it. Have you any further info or details on how and if you sorted it mate.

Kind Regards


Mine does exactly the same on static menus etc. Quite frightening when you have just bought a new tv and haven't noticed it before- but there again when you get something new you get paranoid looking for faults.


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i get it too,i thought it was my tv but it seems not,it really is annoying me,someone must have a solution other than watching sky through the ariel other than scart?


Me Too!!!
I have tried all possible connections between SKY+ and Projector without success. It is definately SKY+ as all other sources are perfect.

PLEASE could someone who knows something about SKY+ help us all out!!!

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