slight flicker

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When I watch region one in pro/scan on my svp420hb I get a flicker or slight pause only on pro/scan my dvd player is Pioneer737 when in s/vhs and region 2 no problem. Just noticed when in p/scan mode I cant change HUE .
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Boris Blank

I think that the Pioneer 737 can output NTSC as PAL60 - you could try that and see what happens. Does the Seleco auto select PAL/NTSC - maybe you need to tell it what the input is?

I know that Hue (and other colour controls) are disabled on my Barco when viewing RGB signals, looks like your Seleco does the same thing on component - this is normal as the pj is designed to reproduce RGB colours exactly as they are set on the DVD or whatever therefore the colour controls are disabled so that folks can't change the default colours from the source material.

Roland @ B4

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Something is not earthed.
Run a lead from say the cooker point or a differnt ring main.
Buy or borrow one of those circuit testers.

This sounds like a 50/60hz issue
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