Question *slight* disappointment with Samsung MS-650 + W700 Sub, opinions / options?


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I post *slight* as it by no means bad and I am not sure if my expectations were just too high. However....

I had a Logitech Z-5500 surround sound for many years before in my old setup and (especially for the money) and honestly I found it excellent, it was loud, punchy and the sub sank so low and deep. It was bitter sweet getting rid of it but after 10 years and getting a new TV I knew it was time to upgrade.

I expect the Samsung combo to blow it out the water but honestly it never quite has. The sub doesn't ever seem to come alive and I have moved it relentlessly around the room, it is punchy and can pick out some low notes but it never has that feeling of your ears vibrating with bass. Is this because the logitech was ported and I think the Bose looks to be too? The clarity of the sounder is fantastic but the loudness and 'surround' feel is lacking at times.

When I was shopping around I was really impressed with the sound demo of the Bose Soundtouch 300 & sub and was adamant that was the combo for me, I didn't want to purchase the Sono's as every man and his dog has one (probably with good reason retrospectively thinking) and the reason for the Samsung purchase - despite never hearing it before was I had just bought a Samsung Q7 65" (which I adore)

So my question is this (I guess)

Should I have gone with the Bose, would the sub sing a little more? Should I have gone with the Sonos? Was I expecting too much from a soundbar and perhaps I was better suited with a more traditional surround sound system? Is my setup wrong?

My budget is about what I've already spent, any suggestions, experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Room/Room Layout - is the key piece of the jigsaw, without decent integration in your room no piece of kit is going to excel.

Soundbar vs. Loudspeakers - personally I would have a traditional Loudspeaker system every time, others disagree and find the move from Loudspeakers to Soundbar works for them.

'despite never hearing it before' - ideally you try and demo kit before you purchase or you have to factor in the cost of returning something you don't like when looking at prices.

SONOS Playbar - is a very decent Soundbar though the key strength of the system is multi-zone Music and ease of use.


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