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Hi guys,

I have an MSI GTX 970 and am thinking about going down the SLI route as it will only cost me £100-140 for a second card. Is it still worth doing or should I just sell my 970 and buy a better card?

Also, does it have to be the same manufacturer or can I SLI any of the 970's?

The second question is that I'm going to buy a new Motherboard as well, I know its best to start with a fresh OS when adding a new mobo to stop any driver issues but if I get the same brand will I need to have do a fresh install?


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Do the applications where you're finding your current GTX 970 to be inadequate support SLI?

If you're upgrading your motherboard to one with different components and features then yes, you'll want to reinstall.


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After checking them out it's a mixed bag tbh, If I stuck to 1080p on ultra settings more often than not it's fine I'm just pushing it too far lol. I got a 4K TV not long ago and have been trying to play in 4K on all the games I've got and I have to play about for a bit with all the settings to get 30 FPS and in the end it's probably no better graphically than if I were to play in 1080P haha.

I just thought this would be a cheaper and easier route to get more FPS and better graphics but It seems a bit of a hassle to get some working as well with SLI so I will probably be better off just getting a new card later on in the year.

At least that way it will play every game no problem and I won't have to worry about the power or heat.

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