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Sleepy MBP after ML install


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Recently installed Mountain Lion on my MBP and it seems to like to go into sleep mode after a period of no user input, the problem is that it just cuts off all network activity. It didn't sleep when there was network activity with Lion installed. I can use caffeine to keep it awake but it also keeps the displays on and seems to keep all my external disks span up.

Any ideas?


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YES!!!.,im having the exact same problem!!
I was using IVI,queing up a load of South Park episodes,to leave over night,,,woke up,only 3 had been done!!
When downloading music,i cant leave it for working on its own,i have to keep waking it,
Ive tried the settings,to try and let it work,and when finished down loading,exit program,then the MBP would go to sleep.
Ive tried nearly evrything,stopping discs going to sleep,lengthing the sleep time,but its not the point,it should stay awake till its finished its thing its doing,very weird,and frustrating....i was going to post today,as i still havent finished my South Parks rips...


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I'm having wake on lan/wake for network access problems, basically, it doesn't after a period of sleep. Seems to be fairly common problem.


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Seriously need a fix for this,i cant leave my MBP unattended!!!
Why is this going all weird on me!!!!i hope google is my freind today....


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But why?
I dont get why its happening?bit coincidental,others are posting also,....ill try it,but,im not taking battery out,hopefully will reset using buttons.very weird occurance.
Anyone else having it....?

i think its fixed!!thanks,...
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Nope,hasnt worked,i was using plex last night,went to change film,after watching one,it went to sleep inbetween selection!!(maybe thats my film choice!!),it shouldnt sleep while plex,or itunes is sharing out.....should it??
Also,i tried to download some bits last night,got back from my brothers,it fell asleep.
Ive got a lazy mac....

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