SL9YG Sound bar and Apple TV setup, please help.


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When connecting my Apple TV directly to the TV and then my Sound bar via HDMI (ARC) the sound is louder but it doesn't sound as spatial and Dolby Atmos suffers and sounds like it could be compressed. This connection on my sound bar shows that its playing Dolby audio on 5.1 files and Dolby Atmos content does show that it switches over to Dolby Atmos on the sound bar. If I connect my Apple TV directly to the sound bar get and then my sound bar to the TV via ARC the audio gets lower and not as loud and I have to turn the sound bar up a lot louder to hear anything almost max volume on some content. When I check what its playing it shows the audio coming in as PCM. With this configuration Dolby Atmos content does sound more spatial and the height channels seem to do their job better.

So my question are these: Why is the sound bar lower volume when connected the Apple TV directly?
What will give me the best sound? Connecting the Apple TV to the sound bar or into the tv?

Any help would be appreciated! I feel like im losing my mind trying to figure this out!! lol.

For reference My sound bar is an SL9YG with only Arc not eArc and the TV is a 77 inch LG C1

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If your TV or Soundbar is ARC enabled it will potentially cater for compressed Atmos as DD+ from the TV Apps and external devices connected to the TV - you will need to confirm with the TV Spec sheet.

If your Soundbar caters for Atmos as True HD (uncompressed) and Atmos MAT/PCM and your Source is capable of delivering either of those formats you will want to connect Source > Soundbar > Display.

Note to access Atmos encoded content you have to have the correct subscription with the big streaming services.

ATV 4K delivers Atmos MAT/PCM.

Atmos MAT is decoded on the Source device (ATV 4K) and delivered as multichannel PCM to the Soundbar.

Why the difference in indicated volume levels to achieve the same output level! That is a question for the Soundbar manufacturer. I would also ensure you have gone through the Source audio settings once you change your connectivity.


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