Skyworth 1050p - connections to projector?


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I know the skyworth does progressive via VGA and component, which would be the best way to connect to either a PTAE-100 or PTAE-300? Anyone know?


Tim Cooper

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The Skyworth is wholly incompatable with your setup,definately will not go, yes siree.....honest:D :D
If you want to sell give me a shout;)


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A veritable bargain if ever I saw one:D

Just need to buy a new projector now, mine just went on "Buy it now" on ebay:D

Peter Parker

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Well done Smufin'!

I was tempted because the price was good, and I was curious as to how much better the higher resolution was than my DLS8.

As the lamp needs replacing at 1000 hours, it only had about a years worth of viewing left for me before I'd have to buy a new one, so I thought better of it, especialy as it was just a comparison rather than something I really needed..

How much are new lamps on it?

What are you upgrading to?



Got the money yet Smurfy, some real tw*ts on there :mad:

(who already has component prog scan DVD PAL/NTSC :D )


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big_AL - Not got the cash yet, but I've got to phone the guy re: payment. He seems genuine enough and he's really keen to get it! I've yet to come across a bogus-bidder, but I know they exist.

Gary, the new lamps are £300 I think and the lamp life is 1100 hours. Way I figured it was that although a good projector, it didn't accept a progressive scan signal from a standalone DVD player, it was noisy and the rate I watch DVDs at meant that I would need a new lamp soon! So I thought I'd cut my losses, make a little money (or alot;) ) and then go and buy the PTAE-300:D

Plus I've picked up a PAL prog player for £50! No complaints, except that I spend too much time on here;)

Peter Parker

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Hi Smurfin',

Hope it all goes through for you and with no hassle.

£300 for a lamp isn't too bad - add that to the price of the pj and I still think it's a good deal for another 1100 hours of viewing (IMHO).

Don't forget to let us all know how you get on with the AE300 when you get it. :)



Aint got it yet or would be :(
Herself is boring the crap outa me with an assignment from college course thingy from work :confused: :confused:

So I take it you aint got both relevent cables to try on your "new" DVD player ???


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I have 10m of van damme coax for component, but I will need to get a VGA-VGA if thats the best route.

Saying that, I don't have either the DVD player or whichever PJ I go for yet.


I have to warn you. I have tested the Skyworth 1050P with my AE100.

With disappointing results.

When inputting PAL progressive via VGA (recognized by the AE100 as "SVGA"), there was lots of horizontal interference. It looked like parts of the picture were changing in brightness. I tried everything: changed cables, adjusted VGA timings etc., but couldn't get rid of the interference. It made the picture impossible to watch.

NTSC progressive (recognized by the AE100 as "WIDE480" via VGA was excellent.

PAL and NTSC progressive via Component was great, but the AE100 (well, my unit at least) has quite a bit of overscan when using the component connection. That is why I personally would not consider using a component connection with the AE100. And even if I chose to use the component connection, I would go for a Philips PAL progressive player instead.

There was no overscan using the VGA connection.

I have also tested Nintaus PDVD-N9769 with my AE100. It had no interference with PAL VGA. But its crapness is another thing entirely =)


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