SkyQ Multi Room - Do I pay per room?

Jon Weaver

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I currently have SkyHD piped to every room of the house via HDMI splitters and CAT5 adaptors for video and I use the original TV Links over coax for the Remote controls and its a brilliant system, which does everything I need.

I am moving house and have to start again, and its just too big a process to run CAT5/HDMI to every room to recreate my current setup.. Even if I looked for a different way to transmit the IR, it would still be a huge job.

Instead I am thinking that perhaps I should do what I said I NEVER would and go down the SkyQ route...

If I did this I could go down the multi-room route and have it all done easily.

But I have a question... Do I pay £12 per month extra irrespectiver of whether I want 1 or 4 extra rooms? And if so, can I source 2nd hand "mini" boxes to get them a bit cheaper? If so, I will start keeping my eye out now and snapping them up as I find them.

I would still rather stick with SkyHD and use my HDMI/CAT5 solution.. But the new house is twice the size of my current one and its just going to take for ever to get up and running again, and I need some quick wins.

Thanks in advance



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£12 in total just for multi-room no matter how many boxes.

£50 per mini box for "rent". I don't think these will work second hand as they are all serial coded. I'm not 100% sure on that though.


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It's a single multiscreen charge for up to 4 boxes. However, don't buy any 2nd hand ones as they're stolen property - the boxes always belong to Sky and are just loaned to customers. They can be remotely deactivated if they're detect they're not used on the right account.


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Also bear in mind that you can only watch 2x mini boxes at the same time as I found out after buying a 3rd mini says 3 "screens" at the same time in the T&C's but apparently this includes the main box...whether it's being used or not....

Jon Weaver

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Thats actually not a problem.. Although I am intreague to know waht it means by "watched".. If its out of standby (but the TV is off) is that "watched"?

For me, I am either going back/forth between the living room and kitchen.. Or when I go to bed, I am just watching one box.

So this shouldn't be a problem, other than having to remember to put boxes in Standby when not in use.

But I think I am going to stick with Sky+ and invest in some more modern HDMI/CAT6 splitters, so I can just run single Ethernet cables to each room...

Jon Weaver

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Cheers.. Thats what I assumed.. So other than running around the house finding boxes that are on and shouldnt' be, this won't be the biggest problem in the world... Thanks.


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Independent Enigma 2 boxes are so much better for multi-room, just use Kodi on a firestick android box etc. and the addon is already built in, all you have to do is type in the IP address of your receiver. Only limited by the number off tuners you have to the amount of clients you can have and even that is not a limit if on the same channel.

But sky would not want to lose the revenue stream from multi-room

Jon Weaver

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Would like to know more about this Enigma 2 box you speak off.. Will have Firesticks around the house, so this is CERTAINLY a possiblity.

Would this work with SkyHD too? At the moment, i still don't have much interest going to SkyQ..

Do you have a source of more info, so I can get my head around what you are talking about.. I may even get this now evaluate before I move....


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Apologies for hijacking your thread. I want to connect my Sky box to a TV in the room next door - could you share your setup (in terms of equipment and setup?) HDMI to Cat 5 sounds like it could be an option.. (BTW it's a new Sky box so Coax TV Link isn't doable)

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