Question SkyQ - Ethernet to Booster only?


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I have SkyQ and the connectivity on the mini boxes is flaky even with boost. I do not have ethernet running around the house, and due to it being old wiring, am unsure about trying powerline.

The main Sky Q box has good solid internet over internal Wifi, but it is not practical for me to hardwire the main box. What I would like to do is put the booster next to my WiFi router, connected by ethernet to the router. The location of the booster should then give me a good solid connection to the mini boxes. Is this possible? (Asking rather than just trying it, as I am away from home at the moment and would like to find out if it's feasible before I think about other options before returning home!!).



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That is how mine was set up by Sky installer.
I have 2 boosters with one connected by ethernet to router.
The main 2tb box gets its internet connection via this booster and thenother booster.

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