Skype & Skypeout Credit


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I bought £10 of credit a while back....and havnt used it.

When I log in to Skype, it tells me the credit will expire 21 Sept.
I also see somewhere (Cant remember where) that I loose any credit after 180day inactivity.

Can I make a short skype-out call....use a few pennies of credit, and reset the 180 day counter?....rather than loose £10 credit?.


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OK, I guess I've now answered my own question, as over the weekend I sent a few SMS via Skype....& made a few short Skypeout calls.....but Skype is still saying my credit expaires on 21 Sept. :( HoHum :oops:

That was the status yesterday....Just check my credit again this monrning, and it now says my Credit will expaire on the 7th Feb :smashin: :thumbsup: :clap:

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