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Hi there

My sky digibox is hidden away inside my tv unit so i use a skylink eye to operate it plugged into RF2 which is enabed within the menu!
I also wish to use an eyelink upstairs to which sky is distributed to all bedrooms via an amplfier with built in IR bypass.
I have tried this but it doesnt work!!!
if i remove the skylink from the back of the digibox downstairs then it works upstairs!!
I have been told by a sky installer that all skylinks have a built in voltage blocker so that when it gets its 9v power it prevents it from going any further down line.
Is this the case and is it this thats stopping it working upstairs???
I am told that u can open up the skylink and bridge a circuit by soldering.

Does any body know anything about this???

Please help.


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I don't know but you can buy a signal splitter to use Sky link on more than one channel. I have one but can't remember the details off the top of my head.



Thanks for the link!
I checked it out but cant find the 2 way sky eye splitter
Is there another name for it???


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morganog, you can't put an eye before your amp, only one on each of your amps outputs - whilst your amp has IR bypass, the eyes do not. I've got around this by putting an amp behind the TV but this might mean a lot of work for you. Simpler would be to take feed from the amp back down to the TV area. Hope this helps.


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Hi... hopefully this is the right place to ask this question.

I have 2 SkyLink connections - one running from my Sky+ box in the living room (front of house) to my bedroom (also front of house), and one from the Sky Digibox in the study upstairs (back of house) to the conservatory (also back of house).

Is it possible to also use that Digibox upstairs to feed a 2nd SkyLink to the spare bedroom next door (also back of house)?

Hadn't got it done at the time because the Sky Satellite Installer did it on the cheap, superquick and only had 2 SkyLinks on him, so I had to make a quick decision as to where they had to go.

I'm not the most technical person on the planet, so be gentle!

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