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Just got my Sky welcome email, saying that I need to have a phone line for Sky?! I do have one, but it's through the hallway and I don't want a cable running from the front door, through the hall and all through the living room :(

Would it be okay if the guy fitted it using a super long cable, and I'll just say "That's fine I'll leave it there and sort a proper solution" and then disconnect it as soon as it's installed? I know you need it for some of the interactive services, but I won't use any of those, and won't use box office either.



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Yep, exactly. I've done this numerous times and it has been fine. They supplied a long cable and plugged it in to setup and I removed it as soon as they went and it was fine. I then moved house and took my kit with me and bought another box for multiroom. The house I moved to already had a dish and cabling in the rooms so I just plugged mine in and have had no problems - I have 2 HD boxes and a Sky+ box and none of them are connected to the phone line.


Do exactly what you suggest, blizeH, as Sky don't check on the connection afterwards.
There are hundreds of posts and dozens of threads from posters who did just that.

It's a very different matter for multiroom installations though, mudstuff.
Sky don't check single installations, but they do on multiroom and they'll catch up on you.
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And logiciel is 100% correct about multi-room....I didn't realise that the fuse had blown on my wireless phone extension, until of course Sky advised me that my box wasn't connected to the phone line!


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I appreciate what you're saying and had read the same myself so was prepared to connect them to the phone lines if necessary and bought long cables for all the rooms. I have had Sky multiroom for 12 months though - never have I connected the boxes to the phone line and I haven't had a single problem. some people seem to get caught out and others don't.


That's right, and you have the cable ready for when they write to you, so you're OK either way.

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