SkyHD to Panasonic SC-PT460 Home Cinema System Connectivity Question


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Im about to become the new owner of a SC-PT460.
now being a women I have no idea what Im doing.

I have a 42inch lg tv along with Sky hd and obviously SC-PT460.
I would like to connect all together so I can watch programs from sky hd also in 5.1 when they are the moment dont have my wii,this be added on later.
so how do i connect it all and have 5.1 on i need to purchase any more sky hd has digital optical,(which i have cable for.) and i think its digital coaxial also.
I dont have the red and white cables ive read about do i need them.please could someone explain to me exactly how i connect these.thankyou so much.:lease:
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The optical cable will be all you need to get 5.1 from skyHD. Just connect it between sky and your amp.


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Many thanks for your reply,we have now been told there is a delay on the system so I just went out and bought a samsung ht-z310.e are setting it up now, Im guessing I connect this the same way,ie,optical cable.if im incorrect please tell me.thankyou once again...:)


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So can i just check my full connections,as on my old system sure wasnt correct.

HDMI 1 on tv connect to sky hd

HDMI 2 on tv connect to samsung HT z310

optical connected from sky hd to samsung HT z310

Do i still have to connect optical from sky hd to tv...if im missing somthing please let me know....


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SkyHD sends 2 channel sound over HDMI which is why you use the optical cable from the Sky box to your amp to get 5.1 sound from the amp.

You don't need to take anything to the TV from Sky other than the HDMI.


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Hello I have yet another question.well as I had said we got the samsung HT-Z310. we are very happy,set it up right,thanks everyones help.
I now have another dilema. I understand the speakers have there own brackets on them,however We have been looking into getting brackets to put on the ceiling.I need tilt and swivel ones.Im not sure which ones to get,anyone have any suggestions.seems im limited for what i can use.any appreciated.:lease:

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