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Hi all,

Had HD installed last Thursday and I thought I'd make you aware of one issue that I'm having. Basically the installer brought the first HD box into the house, connected it up but couldn't get the box to boot. The red power light was showing on the box front, but the box iteself would not come out of standby. So the guy, presuming that the box was faulty trotted off to his van and brought in a second box, connected it up and it did exactly the same.

So in desperation he disconnected all of the leads from the box, powered it up and this time it booted. He made some lame excuse about the box not being faulty and sometimes they take 2-4 minutes to boot up etc etc then left (he was around for quite a while as he couldn't get the HDMI input on my Sammy PDP to work, but i'll get onto that one in a minute).

So everything has fine until yesterday when her indoors decided that she wanted to use Sky news Interactive...the box froze and wouldn't come out of standby. So remebering the install problem, I unplugged everything from the back of the box and it booted. I thought that whilst I had access to the back of the TV&box i'd investigate further. So I started trying to boot up the box with different lead combinations plugged in and what I discovered was that the box will not come out of standby following a cold boot if the TV Scart lead is plugged in. Any other lead doesn't seem to cause a problem.

So assuming that the box was either faulty or it was known issue, I called sky CS to be told that it was a known issue that they were investigating with the HD boxes, and don't use the Scart lead for the time being....I was naffed off that the installer wasn't aware of this known issue as it managed to waste a good chunk of mine and his time on the install day.

The HDMI issue I mentioned above was also a strange one. I've been using my Sammy's HDMI connection via a Sony STRDG700 for some time now without any problems. However as soon as the Sky HD box was connected over HDMI, I lost the option to select this input on the TV, and via the TV's menu couldn't get to any settings for it. Anyway long story short in desperation I went into the TVs service menu to do a full reset of the panel, which didn't sort it. But whilst rooting around in the menus i noticed that the panel type had been changed from a H to a S...changed it back to H and HDMI worked again. All very strange..



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Which SCART port were you using - the VCR or TV output? I ask because I intend to use the SCART output for a video sender when I do my install...

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Just tried a few experiments, in my situation it doesn't matter whether its scarted or not. If the box is already on it will happily go in and out of standby. If it's powered off and powered on it will be maybe 30 secs before the infrared light blinks when sent a command and maybe (guessing) 45 secs before it obeys the remote and comes out of standby. My slant on it is that when powered up it actually boots the machine which takes a while before its ready to accept a command (maybe 45secs), when the box is already on and you put it into standby what you're doing is putting it in the equivalent of XP's "Suspend".
If I'm wrong I'll gladly stand corrected.
Next time you try it wait a bit longer ,maybe up to a minute from turning the mains on.
As I said scarted or not makes no difference in my case.

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