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Hi folks

my kids broke my Sky+ remote so I went on ebay looking for a replacement at the lowest price.

one of the best deals I found was a new genuine SkyHD remote at £8.80 delivered, and the item description stated that it would work the Sky+ box, so I got it.

well, I found that it would not operate my sky+ box at all.

some searching for a solution led me to this forum, and I spent a couple of hours searching through the sky/sky+ & sky HD sections for answers; I learned plenty in the process, for example that by default the sky+ remote operates the HD box, but the skyHD remote doesn't operate the sky+ box. I also learned how to set the remote to operate my TV and also my amp, but there was nothing to solve my main problem.

after more searching I finally found the answer here and I'm now in business with my slick new HD remote - for those not wanting to follow the link and trawl the page the instructions are pasted below:

SkyHD Remote
To change it to a sky plus remote
1) Press the TV button.
2) Press and hold SELECT and i together until the LED flashes twice.
3) Press the number button 1 and then press SELECT.

so I thought I'd share this bit of info with you guys to add to the great knowledge base already here.


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