SkyHD remote controls your AV amp...


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Just changed various bits of kit and moved stuff round etc..

Had to search for this link for my AV amp setup info...

...Just in case you didn't know - you can have limited control of your AV amp via the SkyHD remote. The above link is damn useful.
***Remember to use the 'punch through' option at the end of the 1st post in this thread.***

When set up correctly (and punch through applied) you should be able to...
1) Turn on (from standby) the AV amp by pressing 'TV' then 'left arrow'.

2) 'Mute' works to mute the amp.

3) 'Vol +' and 'Vol -' controls the amp volume.

...and maybe some other stuff depending on what amp you have.

The upshot is for just watching Sky TV (rather than DVDs etc..) you can get away with using just the standard SkyHD remote. Yes you could always invest in a multi-function remote (e.g. Logitech Harmony) but for some people I guess the above solution will be sufficient and very useful. :thumbsup:


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It may also be worth checking to see if you can do this the opposite way around - as in set up your receiver's remote control to operate your Sky box.

I was flicking through the manual for my Sony receiver just the other week, and for the first time noticed a list of satellite decoder remote codes. After trying the one listed as "BSkyB", I was able to perform basic functions on my Sky+HD box. Namely changing channels with the number keys or directional arrows, and operating the standby function. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be able to pull up any of the menu's such as the TV Guide.

It's still worth investigating though - as it's likely you can control the rest of your devices (DVD, Blu-ray, etc) with the amp remote whereas the Sky remote can't.

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