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Just got my SkyHD box this weekend from a local sat dealer. Took it home, installed it, did callback and call to Sky and was up and running within half an hour.

Started getting wierd problems with loss of lock on one or other of the tuners. Forced a software update, so now model number is on the latest version. Network ID Lock problems ('0000' network ID) now solved, but box still loses signal and lock when certain channels are set to record. For example if I'm watching BBC1 and set SkyOneHD to record one of the tuners loses lock, but if I'm watching C4 and set BBCHD to record it records fine. Very strange. My first thought was dodgy box, but now I've come to a different conclusion.

I have a motorised dish setup, so my SkyHD box is not linked to a sky mini dish. The setup is TwinLNB 85cm dish, one output from LNB direct to sky box. Other output goes through USALS motor, into HDCI2000 sat box, then out of HDCI into SkyHD box.

This has worked fine for over 3 months with a Sky+ box at the end of the chain, however now that I have a SkyHD box it fails. The loss of lock mentioned above always occurs on the output that is connected via the HDCI/USALS route.

Has anyone else got a similar setup that works?

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