SkyHD install tomorrow, installer just phoned!


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He confirmed he'd be here around 11-3pm:clap:

But i mentioned running a cable from the dish to another room (about 8 metres from the dish) for our current digibox to sit in another room.

He said this is not the way he does it, and he'd run a cable from the back of the HD box, and it would cost £40!????? :rolleyes:

How much would it cost to buy around 8 metres of the cable and run it from the dish myself?

Just checked and we currently have a single output LNB, now would he be expected to put in a quad LNB if I asked?, as opposed to a double, so that i could run my own cabe to the other room?


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I don't think they supply double LNB's anymore.
When the installer comes round he will have to install a quad LNB for you.
You can then run your own additional cable from the spare outputs.


run your own cable and save £40 I don't think it is too difficult to do


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Thank you for your responses.

I drilled a hole in preparation for him, but i wont be paying £40 so it'll be a DIY job.

The only thing i'm going to ask for is the dish re-aligning, as we lose signal in the slightest bit of rain or cloud, ever since a couple of months ago when we had some scaffolding done :(

He wont say we'll have to pay for this will he?


He should check the alignment when he fits the quad, and that bit abiut running a cable from the HD box to supply another box is crap. It has to come from the dish.All he would be doing was running a feed from the RF out so you got the same SD channel as downstairs.

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