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SkyHD - HDMI distribution


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Guys, I have read through lots of threads regarding this and getting a picture/sound looks to be fine but I just want to run something past you guys to see if its possible/I'm on the right track.


Sky HD to a single other screen
SkyHD -> AMP -> Splitter (Octava 1x2 or similar) -> one to TV, other feed to Balun/cat5 to a second TV. This way what ever is output on the AMP HDMI feed will be shown on the second TV - Sky or PS3

Sky HD to multiple screens
Similar to above but this time going into the loft to a second 1x2 splitter which then feed off to two rooms - either HDMI cable if close or Balun/cat5 again.

Issues I can see - audio from the AMP over HDMI, in which case I would have to only have one source and put the splitter directly on the out of the HD box and then one feed to AMP and other to second route, can then manually plug in the PS3 if needed.

Are there any problems mixing the Octava and Balun units like plan to or do they just work where ever you put them?

Any other advice welcome...



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I don't think you will have an issue with audio over HDMI with the amp, as you want to feed it a optical or coax connection from SkyHD anyway (SkyHD is stereo only over HDMI). As long as you can set your amp to override the audio from HDMI with optical (or coax) you will be ok (Some Sony's have a problem with this). Set the amp to pass thru the HDMI audio and this will be split out to your multiple screens, with the 5.1 from optical (or coax) being used with the main screen and amp.

Joe Fernand

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Hello shreddieeddie

If you plan to watch a fair bit of SKY HD on your second Display I'd be tempted to put the 1x2 DA on the Output of the SKY box rather than on the Output of the AV Amp - if the AV Amp is in the signal path it has to be on (and using up electricity) all of the time.

You can cascade the Octava Switch, Distribution and Extender gear - though allays do a dummy run before you go ahead and permanently bolt anything into place - HDMI and its encryption buddy HDCP can be far from straightforward to deal with.

As dwhite says you'll want Optical between SKY HD and the Amp if you want 5.1 from SKY and keep in mind too that if you are using HDMI for multi channel audio from a PS3 you would have to manually toggle the PS3 to Stereo (2.0 LPCM) over HDMI if you want to hear anything on the remote TV's.


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