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Oct 28, 2002
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Well, my SkyHD box was installed on Saturday so after my first few days of viewing I thought I would share my first impressions.

First of all comes the picture quality. The HD channels when broadcasting a true HD picture are very good on my Tosh 32WLT66. Sky Sports HD football broadcasts are very good as are Discovery HD and the other documentary channels. BBC HD, Sky One HD and Channel 4 HD so far haven't impressed me probably due to the lack of quality HD programming on there at the moment.

Now comes the HD Box. The box is as fast and as quiet as my Pace V2 Sky+ box and there didn't appear to be any glitches........ until tonight! The box for some reason was losing signal when it was recording anything even though the signal check was showing nearly full signal on both inputs. You could watch the channel you were recording but not any other channel. I checked the connections to both inputs and everything was ok so I power cycled the box. It booted up again ok and seems to have full functionality again so I'm hoping it's just a glitch. I will keep an eye on it in the next few days and if the problem re-appears I will give the dreaded Sky CS a call.
You weren't the only one with problems tonight. Seems there's a fair few, including myself. who have had some sort of problem with reception this evening. Could be down to the bad weather?

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