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Dear all,
I have had SkyHD installed for some time and all was well. I purchased a Samsung HT-BD7200 and set this up on the shelf underneath the SkyHD box. I have since noticed that every few seconds I would get picture breakup either a flicker or a complete loss of signal for a split second. After investigating it has become pretty clear its my Samsung HT-BD7200 that is interfering with my SkyHD picture as its fine when its turned off. The HT-BD7200 has a dongle in the back of it which connects wireless to my PC to enable me to stream audio and music. This means I can't watch sky with surround sound. I have tried phoning Samsung support and spoke to a right muppet who didn't have a clue. Sky HD and HT-BD7200 connect to my TV using HDMI Leads and then my SkyHD connects to the HT-BD7200 via a digital out lead. I have tried unplugging the digital out lead and SkyHD and the problem persists when the unit is turned on. Does anyone have any idea how I can get around this without having to change anything in my setup.

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Hi all just for info I phoned Samsung, the first time I was put through to Offshore and I spoke to a right muppet who just didn't understand the issue and suggested all kind of rubbish. Phoned back and spoke to a UK based person, he put me on hold then came back to me and told me that the HT-BD7200 doesn't support being near the SkyHD box. As you can imagine this was a big suprise to me. I Phoned Dixons where I bought it from, explained the situation and they are looking into it as they are also very suprised that Samsung would allow them to sell a product that wasn't compatible with SkyHD. I am waiting for them to come back to me.

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