SkyHD (and PS3) with Samsung 940mw


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Wasn't entirely sure where to put this as its seems to be part down to last skyHD firmware and part down to which Samsung 940MW you have.

Right some background I bought my 940mw back in Aug 2006 and had SkyHD installed in Dec06.

Over xmas/jan period I tried to get the 940mw to show a piccie using a HDMI->DVI lead. I couldn't get SkyHD to show anything other than hcdp not supported error which was visible on my other TV via the component output. Tried two different leads just to be sure but same on both yet both cables worked fine with my other TV.

Tried again today and Lo and behold by doing the following I got a picture :eek:

1) Turn skyhd box on.
2) Set box to 720p via scart on 940mw or another TV.
3) Switch 940mw on (or off and on if previously using scart to set skyhd box)
4) Press Source repeatedly until DVI is selected
5) Picture is shown after a few seconds

But their is a caveat. It only works if the Skyhd box is specifically set to 1080i or 720p. If 576 or Auto is selected then the 940mw goes into showing the "Optimum display 1440x900 60hz message" before going blank. What isn't happening anymore is the HDCP error hence my assumption that latest firmware has done something?

Anyway as to why its still partly which 940mw you have? Well after seeing similar problems with people now trying to get their PS3's to work with the 940mw and some succeeding and other's not, I can only assume that samsung have implemented horizontal pixel doubling over hdmi (which is how 576 resolution is supported over hdmi so that horizontal refresh is more than HDMI minimum) and so the latter ones must have a firmware difference as they work straight away i.e. with SD resolutions.

Can people who have this monitor and provide

a) what firmware they have (To check firmware version, you have to go into the service menu. Put the tv into standby and press info, menu, mute, then power on the remote, and the service menu should overlay whatever input it was last on. note: this will clear all your picture settings so make a not of them before. The version numbers/date will be displayed at the bottom of the overlayed text. Don't touch anything else in there, and just hit power on the remote to turn the tv off after making a note.)
b) If they can get any picture from SkyHD via DVI(hdcp) port.
c) If so which resolutions (Auto, 576, 720p, 1080i)



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Bit disappointed that no-one has posted a reply to this thread :(

Is it in the wrong place and therefore would the moderators like to move it to LCD forum?


Stuff I get at the bottom of the service menu:


And I can't use DVI at all through my PC, but now I want to, as I've just bought a DVI cable!

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