SkyGo on Xbox, improved, have they been playing?


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Just watching MNF via SkyGo on the Xbox and I can't help but notice that the picture quality seems much improved.

The video quality is a lot more fluid and SDTV like, a lot less jerky and appears to have a much better framerate. There's also no SkyGo watermark/icon visible...

Is this a one off or have they been tweaking things preseason and I've just missed the announcement?

I'm on Infinity 2 (80/20) so connectivity has never been an issue.


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Try it at different times of day first.

If loads of people in your area using the internet , it may slow down
Like I said, it's not connection related. It's like they've changed their streaming/transcoding settings, the image is a lot more TV like and fluid in movement, with not as many framerate issues... There's also no "Computer" icon when watching anymore...

Just wondered if there was an official announcement/if this was what others were experiencing.

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