Skybox resets at 19:03 every night!!! Help!!



Can anyone help??? My Skybox just resets every night at 19:03 !!! There's no power outage, I've tried everything from LNB, dish, cables, powerpoints, even with everything else switched off in the house it resets, goes bleep and goes onto standby then back to channel 998!!!

Can anyone throw any light on this I have a Pace 2500 box, it's driving me mad!! I mean everynight at precisley 19:03 it's too weird! It was happening at 18:03 before BST.



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I've never had a digibox go "bleep" on me:)

I think we are on safe ground saying there is an external influence acting on the digibox or it's power supply. I assume you have had the digibox connected to a powerpoint that was shared with the TV or VCR just to see if any interference on the power supply could be seen on the other devices?

If it's not the power supply itself then it's known that radar and other wireless energy sources can affact a digibox although it would normally be a masking of the signal and not a reset.

If it was me I would give my digibox to a friend who lived a few miles away and sit there watching it at 19.03 to see what it did in another location.


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I noticed mine had reset last night, and it's a pain because unless my box is output to RGB then I can't see the picture of my Panny Plasma screen.

First time it has done it, but there didn't seem to be a reason. Could heat build up cause it? I thought the fan was supposed to take care of that

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