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I have been reading sum of the threads regarding the Sky+ deals and wondering the best way to go about upgrading to sky+.

At the moment i have just the standard pace box with the full package, it seams to me after reading some of the threads that sky are doing better deals for new customer than there exsisting ones, (i've been with sky for 10year).

When you order sky+ which box do you get and is it the one with 160g hd.

Also if you have the multiroom offer do you need a phone line in the room the old sky box is fitted in.
What are the new HD sky boxes like will the be able to record and if so what size hard drives are expected to be fitted in them.
I'm confused as to what to do is it worth waiting for the new high def boxes to come out as i'v been without sky+ for this long so a few more months wait wont matter can some one give advice thanks :smashin:


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New customers bring in new revenue, existing customers do not, it's that simple:)

Of course as you have seen many existing customers have got SKY+ deals by making SKY believe that they will lose existing revenue if they do not provide a deal.

The new PVR3 has a 160gig drive but only partitioned for 80gig for the user while the SKY+160 has it's full capacity available to the user but you will pay far more for that unit than the PVR3.

The phone line for multiroom can be anywhere in the house but SKY do monitor the phone connections and both boxes must be connected to the same phone line otherwise you'll be paying full price for the second sub.

The new HD box is going to be a SKY+ HD so recording both SD and HD content will be doddle, no word on hard drive size but a speech made by JM stated the drive would be significantly bigger than 160gig although until we see it it's all just talk.

The SKY+ HD is worth while if you intend to pay for and watch HD not to mention having a HD display but the price will be much higher than the standard unit. Do not expect any change from £500 for the hardware and first years subscription to the HD content and that is on top of the SD channel package costs.

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