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Feb 21, 2004
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my pc has a 5.1 trust sound card with a optical input and my sky+ has a optical output

can i run my sky+ via my pc's sound card for just sound?
If it's their Trust optical card (takes up 2 pci slots) then yes.
no it only takes up one slot but there is a add on part that i have never really looked at.

*EDIT* yes it would take up 2 bays on the case but not 2 actual pci slots, so can i have true 5.1 sound now?
Unfortunately, you can get as far as getting the signal into the PC, alas there is nothing around at the moment that will decode it :(

im not looking to decod the picture i am just wanting sound, is sound possble ?
I meant sound. You cannot decode the sound - the picture is the easy part via dscaler!

thanks, that now leaves me with a Big problem, i need a VERY VERY cheap 5.1 decoder i have the speakers ( i bought a dvd player and was told that will do the sky sound jobby but it doesnt) but i have blow ALL my budget, i will be able to fine a little bit more but only a very little

Where can i geta CHEAP 5.1 amp/decoder from HELP PLEASE.
Ebay has that sort of thing come up on a regular basis for under £100.
your right a friend came round with a optical lead and there is just no sound NADA so looks like i'm stuck
To be honest it is the Holy Grail for me and HTPC's right now! Teir is a possibility that a new software media player due for release from Nvidia in the next month or so may address this issue - although it is probably unlikely.
Have you tried WinDVD?

I use it with a very similar card to the trust and the optical in and out work great!!

Windows its self does not use the optical/coax spdif but I'm sure WinDVD is not the only proggy that can do it.

sorry but how will i get my sky+ sound through windvd?

go easy please, im new :)
WinDVD can certainly give you real 5.1 from your Trusts spdif. I am sure it will just be an add-in codec, so should do the trick.

You can download a trial version fro the web... plus many sound cards give you an OEM version when you buy it.

How do you watch the tv picture through WinDVD? How would you configure it? Would be very interested to know. I hope you can help.


In answer to the original post:

NO you cant decode the 5.1 DD output of the Sky+ box through your PC.

YES you can (on a lot of soundcards with S/Pdif inputs) decode the 2ch PCM output of the Sky+ box.

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