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I had a Sky+ box installed on 24 July:thumbsup: Very pretty Amstrad (not Sure about sound or PQ)

On 29 July it failed to record :( . On 30 July spoke to Sky who re set something but then Sky + failed to work. It has not worked since. Numerous phone calls and offers that 'Super user' or Software would be in touch that day but still nothing after almost 3 weeks.

Got a letter saying that they would bill me for the Sky+. Very nice man said I would get a refund when problem was fixed :rolleyes:

Tried to email but system was down

How can I get to some one who can help!!:lease: [

I really can't see 3 weeks as acceptable for a repair. No one has been in touch and after the completely inconsitent responses from the help desk, no one can tell me when it might be fixed.

Is this normal?

Unfortuately I can on get terrestrial TV where I live.....

Help :lease:


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It's not normal and it's not acceptable. I would send them a Recorded Delivery letter stating that, as the equipment worked for only 4 days, they are in breach of contract and I was cancelling.

It's up to you what you want to do.
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