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good evening everyone
At last I'm getting my Sky HD installed next week (hopefully this time nothing happen)
My question is: I have a motorized satellite system with 90 cm dish, can I use that for receiving the Sky signal instead of the mini dish (after fitting the multi feed LNB of course)? And if it's yes will the engineer be happy to install the system using it (I mean fitting the LNB and the extra cable plus some alignment as it is a little bit shifted when moving to Astra)?

Tony Hoyle

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You'll probably have to fit the LNB (and cables I'd expect) yourself - minidish LNBs don't fit on larger dishes. If the installer fits it he'll just put a minidish up.

The digibox itself does not support motorised dishes, so you'll probably end up selecting Astra on your other sat. box and switching cables or something.

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