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Can Sky+ be used solely as a recording device for the free to view channels? It's just that my current VCR is on its last legs so, instead of buying a new one, thought I could upgrade my existing digibox to Sky+. I currently pay £16 a month to Sky but as I hardly watch any of the channels, thought it would be beneficial to bin the whole package, therefore only paying £10 a month for the Sky+ functionality!

Next question. If the above is possible, when I relocate my existing digibox upstairs and run a bit of coax from one of the spare outputs on the LNB [hopefully quad!], is it 'allowed' to have two FTV cards at one address but with two digiboxes?


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Yes you can only pay the £10 subscription and use it as a FTA/FTV recorder although any CS rep who isn't aware of that fact will need convincing by one of their managers:)

I believe if you don't pay SKY to relocate your exisiting digibox at the time of the SKY+ install they only fit a Twin LNB not the Quad and yes you can have more than one FTV card, SKY also let you keep your existing smartcard even after unsubscribing for use as a FTV card in the hopes you resubscribe at some future time.

If you are not interested in any of the SKY packages perhaps the new PACE HD DTT recorder may be a better option assuming you can receive DTT of course:)


Will the box work as a recorder if only one LNB is connected to the recording input? I would only play back recorded material, never watching anything live!

The reason I ask is I'm already using all the ports on my quad LNB!



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