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I am lead to believe I can suscribe to sky without having a phone line. How would my box communicate with SKY as I know the box reports back to SKY on what you are watching through the telephone. Would I need to nuy a digibox with a viewing card or will SKY provide one although I don't have telephone line?


If you don't want a telephone connection, you have to pay for the box. It will not be subsidised. The telephone line is only used for interactive services. It is not used for sky to spy on you.

However, if you agree to the connection to the phone line, you only have to maintain the connection for 12 months. After that you can remove the phone line from the Sky box.


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Sky's 'connect to the phone policy' is an obligation the subscriber makes, either for a dicounted box, installation, or discounted 'mirror subscription. Buy a box not discounted & have a private install & you can subscribe without the phone (not mirror though). Other than the inconvenience of not having a nearby phone socket, I'm unsure what the problem is. You can extend your socket with a kit from under a £10. I know there can be other issues (no phone for one), but often having it plugged into the phone line (if it's that worrying, for only 12 months) I think is a lot less hassle / probably expense, than other routes. I almost never use the interactive side of my digibox, but when I have some planned building work, will move a phone socket behind the tv for neatness, just in case.


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Over 80% of the people I've ever known with Sky have had the telephone line connected precisely 0% of the time (inc. myself).



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Me too flimber, until I upgraded to +, relocated the box & don't need the socket Sky uses for anything else. But you still need the 'connection' on install, & may get mail from Sky if you're not connected. I understand they are particularly hot on mirror subs. Presumably so you dont have your neighbour connected up on your acccount, swindling Sky out of their much needed pennies.

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