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I know the offical line, but does sky + work (ie the recording features) without a subscription? Also, lets say I kept a basic subscription, but lost all premium channels, and didn't pay the extra £10 a month to offically keep the recording active? Would it still work? I have a feeling that it would, but would like confirmatuion.



No, it would not. Also, if you paid the £10 a month to keep the recording functions active, it would not play back programmes stored on the hard drive which were recorded from channels that you no longer subscribe to.


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Along thse lines, has Sky ever come with a decent explanation why even if you still subscribe to Sky+, you can;t 'watch' anything from channels you no longer subscribe to.

I fell into this earlier this year. Did the Film 4 free month deal, then cancelled it after the month, and am now stuck with 5 or so films on the box I can't watch anymore.


It's probably buried in the small print somewhere ;)


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Their reasoning would likely be that recording for the purpose of building up an archive is not one of the things that you're technically allowed to do. Limited timeshifting is permitted by law. If you've still got stuff on the hard drive after you've cancelled the subscription, it's hard to make a good case that you just want it for limited timeshifting.

As long as you're paying a sub, they can argue that the channels are granting you a right to view content to which they have rights, so time isn't such an issue. Stop paying, and you're probably not going to fall within the letter of the law.


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