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Hey all,

I've got 2 sky+ boxes, 1 downstairs and 1 in the bedroom. The downstairs one is an official sky+ subscription box with 2 feeds and the upstairs one replaced a regular sky box which i bought on ebay for £80.

Problems with recording from 1 feed is that the sky + box by default still tries to record shows from the 2nd feed when the first feed was set to a different chanel (just for watching) even when you are in the main menu screen (after having watched it) or even while watching a recording.

This is all good and well but it doesnt allow you to set a load of recordings for the week while I am at work and record them all as the box will not simply change the chanel.

Currently the only option I have is to set the box to record somthing else just prior to the show I want it to record to make it fail that recording and successfully record the one I really want.


set a manual recording that lasts all day to use up the 2nd feed which will fail while forcing the box to use the first feed.

Is there anyway arround this? i.e. can I set the box to never even bother trying to record to the 2nd feed which doesnt exist on this box? OR am I simply able to run a 4th cable from our quad LNB to my room to give its original functionality back? (although I would have thought sky wouldnt allow you to do this somehow)

Thanks :)


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If the box can actually record programmes then I would simply fit another coax to your unused LNB. I can't think of any reason not to. If you are worried about extra cable, you could replace what you have with so-called figure of eight cable.


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i thought sky wouldnt let you do that seeing you could simply run a 2nd line and not have to pay for sky+ in the first place?


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As you are paying Sky for the recording functionality they are hardly likely to complain about your fitting another cable to *your* system in order to use it. *(It belongs to you, not Sky).

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