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Sky+ with 1.5 cables!!!

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by sidzz, May 6, 2005.

  1. sidzz


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    Just got sky+ in my apartment with a shared dish. I only have one cable running to my apartment, but have a friendly neighbor below who doesnt have sky and doesnt mind me taking a 'splice' off his cable.
    at the top of the building is a splitter box with 4 sat inputs and 1 normal tv input, then theres 8 outputs to each apartment (no spare ones).
    As i'm on the second floor i have 1 cable coming out the wall into a plate with a male satellite plug and a tv ariel plug, on the back of the plate is a small circuit that i guess splits the tv from the satellite signal. Behind the wall plate is also the cable running down to my friendly neighbor on the 1st floor who only watches normal tv.

    What i propose to do is put a 2 way spliiter into this and connect 1 cable back to the severed cable to run downstairs and take the other of the two connections to my sky plus box!!
    will this work???
    i wonder if i need another sky/ariel plate to split the signal before plugging it into the second sky+ input, and also if the tv signal will still be ok downstairs??
    I'd really appreciate any ideas on this
  2. Nick_UK


    Nov 13, 2004
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    I don't think this will work. The Sky+ box sends signals down the co-ax to tell the LNB what polarisation and frequency band to use. These signals will probably be blocked by the splitter, and if they aren't, they'll certainly mess up your neighbour's reception if he ever gets Sky.

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