Sky+ will not record after SkyHD installed


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I have Sky+ and 2 other digiboxes installed in seperate rooms.
I have ordered SkyHD and will hopefully have it installed on 30th August 2006.
My new configuration will be that the old Sky+ will be moved into another room with an additional Lnb feed of course and the new SkyHD be installed where the Sky+ was.
I have heard that the Sky+ will not be allowed to record to the hard drive due to some Sky ruling within their multiroom contract.

My final set up will be

Lounge SkyHD
Conservatory Sky+
Office Sky Digibox
Dining Room Sky Digibox

Thanyou in advance for your help

Kind Regards

Mark Hudson



I have Sky HD in one room and Sky + in another. Both are able to record to their respective hard drives so I can't see that you will have a problem. With the new octo LNBs you can have upto 4 sky +/ sky HD boxes linked provided you pay the subscriptions for each.


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Mine works the same, Sky HD in the lounge and moved the Sky+ to my bedroom, other side of the wall, output back means I have 2 HD records and 2 SD records if I need them. I mainly use the Sky+ for recording radio shows and have the digital feed back into my amp in the lounge. Only drawback is that the Sky+ does not look as good as Sky HD on standard def. Hope yours goes well.
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