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Sky wifi modem V AirPort Extreme


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Quick question really, 3 floors up in my house my sky wifi is very low as my modem is downstairs, the AirPort Extreme sells its self as ultra fast and extends your range?
Is this true, anybody got one and noticed a massive difference

Thanks guys


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Wi-fi transmit power is limited in law and most kit is, and always has been, close to or at the permitted max. so don't expect any new uber-router (or anything else) to have "twice the power" (or whatever) of your incumbent.

In any case, wi-fi is two way radio - it's not television, it's walkie-talkies - everything wi-fi transmits radio energy. If you could "boost" the transmissions from your router, you would also have to "boost" the transmissions to your router to improve a far-off locale.

By far the best way to extend the coverage footprint is to put up additional Wi-Fi Access Points to create extra hotspots and create a "cellular" coverage pattern. (You get much better VFM too.) The "trick" is in how to establish the back-haul link between the outpost AP's and the rest of the network. "Proper" ethernet links would be best, tunneled over the mains using HomePlugs next best, Wi-Fi if you really have to (including using wi-fi Repeaters,) though it clobbers throughput (speed.)

These topics get discussed here often and there's an FAQ on HomePlugs - have a browse.

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