Sky+ Whining Noise and SOH Going Mad!


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had Sky+ installed just before Christmas 04. :thumbsup:

all seemed OK to me, but significant other half complained of a whining noise which was "driving her mad". :mad:

some switching on/off of DVD Players, TV's nd of course the Sky+ box led us to conclude it was the Sky+ box which caused her aural discomfort.
as i say, my hearing didnt pick this up, but she described it as sounding like finger nails on a black board. called Sky, they said a fault, Sky engineer installed a replacement this weekend, which she said was even noisier and i will admit to hearing a noise on this one. :nono:

so Old sky+ box stayed where it was, but unplugged and we got the sky engineer to install and old Sky box which we had on a freeview basis in our former home.

so i now have Sky through an old box, but no Sky+ facility.

has anyone else experienced this high pitched whining noise and if so what can i do to erradicate it.

the Sky+ box was sitting on a glass shelf within an open display cabinet, TV atop the cabinet

Help :lease:




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Well you've got to assume it was either the fan (but anyone should be able to hear that) or the actual hard drive spinning and assuming the drive was performing in spec then the missus must have tremendous hearing and be sensitive to the frequency of the noise to effect her so much.
To late now but did she notice the noise go away when the box was in standby?

Not sure what you can do about it, try to silence the drive or mask the noise would probably have the side effect of removing the ventilation causing the fan to come on and even risk cooking the box.


This was a known problem with the Amstrad boxes. The high pitched whine is coming from the hard drive. Give Sky a call and arrange a service call to have the box changed.


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Looks like i will be calling Sky CS and insisting on a replacement box; Pace V2 and see how that goes!

Thanks for the help :smashin:


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I had the same prob with a V1 box I had from launch.

It started to give out a very high pitched whine, so I rang Sky.

An engineer came with a replacement box that didn't work !!??!!

Another couple of days later a working replacement was installed. The work-sheet copy he left had reason for replacement down as 'noisey box'.


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Did you have the original ball bearing hard drive replaced with a fluid bearing model back in 2001?
I didn't bother since my SKY+ was as silent as a lamb and touch wood still going strong:)


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:) SOH is happy, i am happy.

after calling Sky CS, insisting on a service visit by an engineer with a replacement PACE box, he called round, described the Amstrad as the biggest pile of ****e, eplaced it with a PACE box and all was sweet.

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