Sky + Weird problem


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Hi Guys,

We have a really odd Sky + problem... :confused:

Essentially, the box works fine until turned off. If turned onto standby (red light) and then back on, it will not operate as a Sky + box. If turned onto standby and back on, it will only view channels, it will not record, live pause or access the planner. I can force it to reset by pulling the plug and reinserting, it then works again.

Easy solution is to never turn it onto standby. Thing is, while I can make that standard practise, if someone accidentally does and forgets about it we'll lose recordings. It's also a pretty feeble state of affairs anyway.

I just wondered if there's an obvious companent failure or something? I can't really see anything on the web about this - is it just me???

Our Sky + box is out of warranty. It's a pace, I've tried all the resets and it now has the latest firmware.

Any help, advice or suggestions very very welcome! :thumbsup:



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Hi Stevenage Neil,

Yeah - I've tried:

Planner rebuild
Full system reset
Forced firmware update (with pressing buttons on front of unit)

Nothing seems to sort it out at all...



Stevenage Neil

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Power supply?

I'm sure somebody more knowledgeable will respond...........


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Sometimes SKY boxes do weired things if the firmware is out of date, mine is on 5.07.u if the box has been turned off over night it may not have picked up the latest one.


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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the thoughts thus far.

Here's some more details:

Manufacturer: Pace
Model Number: 6.3.16
Version Number: 9F2212
Operating System Number: 1.31B10
EPG Software Version 5.07.u


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