Sky+ warranty - quick question


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Hi all

The warranty on my Sky+ box is going to run out soon. Sky called offering to extend the warranty on my system which includes Sky+ box another Sky box and the dish & cables for £150 a year!!

Is this too much? Don't know. So any advice would be gratefully received.

Thank you



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I paid £99 to cover my sky+ box for 2 years(although 1 of those years is covered by the manufacturer, but i got piece of mind of id being coverd for accidental damage) i wont renew it though as the general call out fee is only £65 and they will just replace the box and i feel its worth the risk, if they said no i would threaten them to close my account and they would loose my £600 a year and this usually brings them round.


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I think the callout fee for an engineer is about £60, so you would have to have your system fixed 5 times in 2 years to get your money worth. Sounds like a rip-off to me!


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Thank you all, will not renew and if they call again I will tell them why.



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