SKY+ vs dvd recorder



Anyone been lucky enough to have both + can coment on the pros and cons?

Ive had SKY+ for a year and think it is phenomenal. IM just tightening the purse strings and wonder if i can achieve the same ease of use recording programes regularly from Sky basic package with a DVD recorder(up to 800 quid)

MANY thx.


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You won't beat the core ease-of-use created by Sky+. The menu system, option to record one channel and watch another can't yet be beaten by a DVD recorder. A TivO might be your best option. If you want to archive to DVDR though then a DVDR/HDD combos will still enable you to 'Timeslip' like you can on Sky+ now but you will miss the ease of use of point and click recording on Sky+. Numerous HDD machines will be coming with TV Guides in the next year or so - so the answer will be very different then. But for now Sky+ is the best there is.


I hope this doesn't just sound like I'm being a pedant but I have to ask.. when (AIUI) Sky+ costs £10 a month if you don't have a full package, how can you "tighten the purse strings" by spending up to £800 on a DVD player :)

That said, I also have Sky+ and I have to say I'm still seriously considering getting a DVD recorder because it's annoying having to delete stuff off the Sky+ or record to VHS which frankly is crap after the convinience of DVD/Sky+.

I think when the time comes I'll be looking at a Panny E85 or something with a HDD to make copying, and editing adverts and the likes a little simpler.. I have the impression that spending lots of money tends to buy features rather than picture quality where DVD recorders are concerned, and as the E85 has a decent sized HDD I'm not sure anything else is needed.. just a shame about the price!


Sky+ costs £10 a month if you don't have a full package, how can you "tighten the purse strings" by spending up to £800 on a DVD player

lol thats 6 years of sky plus :)


As I have Sky+(since Day 1) and am on my third dvd recorder(2nd with HDD)I can comment on the comparison.
As Rasczak says,the ease of use and extra features of Sky+ make it unbeatable for recording off digital tv.Its basic functions of watch and record 2 different channels,or record 2 simultaneously is unlikely to be matched by any dvd recorder(or Tivo device) for a long long time.So,for watch and wipe,and 5.1 sound,and 2 boxes in one its Sky+.And even at £10 per month,its a bargain.
You only want to bother with DVD or HDD recorders if you want to collect/archive recordings.Even the best DVD/HDD machines don't come close to the sheer convenience of Sky+,but if you want to edit anything and keep it on dvd then there are many machines to choose from.£549 will now get you a Pioneer 5100 with HDD,high speed copying,disc backup etc and with compatibility on DVD-RW/-R.Panasonic machines are also good but are stuck with RAM for rewritability.
All in all,DVD/HDD recorders and Sky+ both have unique features,and for the real enthusiast,both are required.Selecting just one will leave you irritated at missing features either way.Get both .But if you don't collect recordings to keep,Sky+ is best.


Cheers for all the help!

With regards to money, i have loads at present but in a year am leaving my job for an alternative lifesyle i.e a bit easier :)
Can afford a DVD recorder now but want to get my future monthly bills down(and no i cant save the 800 quid- the urge to spend is just too strong!)



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Why not get both now?? Well within your £800 budget. Hell you could spend as little as £450 on them leaving you £350 to fund the Sky subscription.

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