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Nov 17, 2002
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My father in laws sacked Sky & given me the box to sell on Ebay. My question is what will his viewing card do now? He did have the full package (obviously won't work I assume). I'm curious if it'll now work for FTV channels like ITV, or it's now useless. I understand they are tied to a box, so I can't test it in my +, & thought I'd ask here before messing about with his box/my dish etc..
Cancelled our second Sky subscription card a few weeks ago as we did not use it very much. Sky channels went same day but we still get all non-subscription channels. Don't know if the cards work in different boxes but I read on another thread that they are only tied for subcription channels.
When you say non subscription channels, does that mean you get channel4, Itv etc? Is now a valuable FTV card?
When we cancelled the subscription the lady at Sky told us we would still get 115 channels. These include ITV1, Ch4 and Ch5. Apart from the free BBC channels you also get a few music channels, some news channels and far too many shopping channels.
Cheers, thats what I was wondering. Box & ftv card will be a lot more valuable. I'll test it before I sell though.
Have just lost ITV, Ch4 & Ch5 on the box we cancelled the subscription for Sky on. Anyone else had the same problem? Guess I will need to speak to Sky again!
Three reboots later and all free to air channels are now back. Looks like latest updates are upsetting lots of digiboxs.
Is it still working? Which freeview channels are you actually getting? Does it include ITV2 and Sky sports news?
Converted card seems to be working O.K for free to view now. Get all the B.B.C channels as well as ITV , CH4 & CH5. Also get some music and shopping channels to give a total of over 115 channels, most of which you will not want to watch. You do not get "partner" channels such as ITV2 or E4. There are only a few minor sports channels such as Extreme Sports and the Wrestling Channel. You also get access to most of the new digital radio stations as well as the digital version of many analogue stations.

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