Sky via Arcam 350


Hi guys,
Am in the process of chasing cables into the wall and needed a little advice.

My plasma is a broadcast range Sony so limited on connectivity. It has a VGA in, RCA and Svideo.

I am looking to run Component to VGA for my dvd's via the Arcam 350. The question is (not having got it hooked up yet) as to whether for skytv i can use the same connection? My sky box plays RGB but since the plasma doesnt have a scart connection i'm fairly stuffed. Would i need to keep switching the cable on the amp to go from DVD out to Satellite out?

I was wondering alternatively whether i can play sky via composite from the skybox into the Arcam and out via the Arcam to my plasma (with an Rca connector)

Hope this all makes sense.. All advice will be massively appreciated since chasing commences tmrw morning!


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Do you have Sky+? If so, you could use S-Video to the 350....

If you had more time to source cables, I'd have suggested going for a Scart > RGBs cable (RGB + synch through composite connection) from Sky to the amp then component out to the screen.

Steve :)


No sky plus unfortunately.

As regard the cable ur suggesting where do i get RBGS? can u forward a link? Will the single component out from the amp provide for both dvd and satellite or will i require to seperate component outs? I is confused:eek:

will component out to vga not cater fr dvd and sky?


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I would also consider getting something like the QED QCV which will convert RGB to component which can then be fed into the AVR350 along with the other component sources.

You can of course feed RGB into the AVR350 but it means you have to use all the other component inputs with RGB signals as well so not much use.


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It might be worth replacing your Sky box with Sky+, and using S-video, rather than converting signals. A secondhand Sky+ box might even be cheaper than a converter!


i hear what u say about the sky+ box but wouldn't i then have to employ the services of SKY+? could i just use the box for standard Sky?
All i know is that i've got to call up Sky and register a change of box..
Advice appreciated.

I'm sure there's a Sony sky box out there (not Sky+) whereby it can output svideo out together with optical digital out. Anyone know of it?


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You can swap the box yourself, and it'll work fine as a normal Sky box. If you've got any premium channels, you'll probably have to phone sky to pair your card with the "new" box.

My parents are using a Sky+ box as a normal box with just one cable connected. The other cable (from the original Sky+ dual cable) is connected to a standard box, with an FTA card. Works perfectly.


I'd definitely go with the converter. I changed from S-Video to the RGB/Component connection and there was marked improvement in quality.

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