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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by Rock Da Bass, Apr 12, 2002.

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    Hi all,

    Was thinking of getting Sky+ (or Tivo for that matter) but was just wondering about a couple of things.

    1. Subscription charge. I don't quite understand this. What exactly is this for? I see Sky+ basically as a digital video recorder so why does it need a subscription to work after you've bought it. Also, what would happen if you stopped paying the subscription. Would the Sky+/Tivo unit stop operating?

    2. I was thinking of cancelling my Sky Digital subscription after the minimum contract period and just going with the Free to Air channels. (I tend to watch BBC channels and C4 mainly. Bravo, Sky 1 etc are crap IMHO). Is it possible to subscribe to Sky+ without subscribing to Sky channels?

    Thanks in advance.

    RDB :)
  2. Pyara


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    Here we go:

    1) The £10 monthly charge is because development of the SKY+ unit made the retail price way over the initial £300 purchase price. In other words the unit would have probably cost £500 upwards, and at that price no-one would be able to purchase it.

    Therefore the idea was to lower the cost price to something more affordable and charge a monthly subscription to make-up the difference. Furthermore, unlike your video which may become out of date next year due to new videos having more functions, your SKY+ will never go out of date.

    This is because a development team constantly upgrade the features within the unit and send them via software updates etc.

    Another reason being, that as you are able to record something on one SKY channel whilst watch something on another SKY channel at the same time, you are in effect doubling your subscription capacity, think about it...

    2) You could indeed cancel your SKY viewing subscription and continue paying the SKY+ PVR subscription, this will mean that you can record/pause the FTV channels.

    If you cancel the SKY+ PVR subscription, you SKY+will behaive like any other digibox and NOT record/pause.

    I hope that helps...

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