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Jul 26, 2001
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I have sky + in the lounge on a philips 32" and in teh cinema room through a CRT on a 72" wide screen.

Both boxes were version 1 until a couple of nights ago, I lost signal on LNB 2 on the box in teh cinema room and after 3 weeks of battling with sky they replaced it for a new box without charging me £60 (it was only 6 months old, so I was not going to pay the engineers call out charge).
I now have the new box which is a version 2 and there is alot more noise compared with the original. Only really noticable when the blue background comes up whilst changing channels but annoying none the less, I moved it downstairs to the tv room but we have 30 hours of stuff we dont want to watch upstairs ( that is the we as in my missus) so it has been swapped back again.

The version 2 does not show noise on the 32", so maybe it is more prone to interferance than the old style box or maybe teh 32" is not big enough a screen to notice it.
Anyone have any ideas ??

sorry for the long winded post but I would like to know if anyone else has compared the two versions.
Version 2 has a software bug which the picture does have worse quality.

If you have the correct screwdriver you can swap the hard drives in the sky boxes over. They are only standard hard drives which you would find in a regular pc.

I was going to put a bigger hard drive in the one downstairs on a day when we had nothing left to watch, that was a year ago and we still have it 80% full.

So if I am just swapping from one sky box to another I wont need to do a factory reset or anything ?? if that is teh case I will do it.


It is only on the blue background for the menus, there was a bright blue sky last night on screen and it was not noticeable on this at all.

So I am going to leave it, still prefer the looks of the older style box though to be honest.

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