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Sky+ VCR Scart not outputing 16:9 switch voltage ?


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Hi Folks,

Have used the TV scart on my Sky+ box for years and have just had a need to also use the VCR scart, to me it does not seem to send the pin 9 16:9 switching voltage on this scart. Am I being a idiot or have others found this as well ?

Thanks in advance



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I tried recording to my DVD recorder using the VCR scart output and it just doesn't work properly. This is a known issue.

Following advice given here I now connect the TV scart output from the Sky+ box to my DVD recorder & then connect that to my TV. Works just fine. You might need to enable pass through on the DVD recorder or VCR.


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The VCR SCART does not output a WSS signal on pin 8.
In fact pin 8 on the VCR SCART is an INPUT to the Sky box, not an OUTPUT.
It is designed that way so a DVD or VCR connected to the VCR SCART can pass through the pin 8 voltage to the TV connected to the Sky TV SCART.

Glenn Coombs

Standard Member
I don't know if it is different for Sky boxes compared to Sky+ boxes but I'm fairly sure that my Sky box uses that pin to signal a timed recording event. My VCR is connected via the VCR scart and automatically wakes up and starts recording whenever a program I've selected for AutoView starts.

Recordings made like that show up as widescreen but if I manually hit Record on the VCR then they show up as 4:3, even if they were actually 16:9. This leads me to suspect that the WSS scart pin on the VCR socket is actually used to signal timed recordings rather than to signal 4:3/16:9 aspect ratios.

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