Sky+ using both RF2 and S-video problem


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Apr 20, 2007
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I am currently using the Rf2 output to feed into a booster allowing me to get sky in every room via the magic eyes, this has been working great and I don't mind the mono sound it can only provide upstairs. but I have since changed the TV in the conservatory for a better one and I want to get the best out of it so I have run an s-video and audio leads from the sky box to the tv to get dolby sound and a better picture. I have left the normal coax in with the magic eye so I can turn the tv over which worked.. but after about 1hr it becomes impossible to turn the tv over until I unplug the s-video and audio leads then it comes back to life... Can anyone help me to sort this problem out as it is driving me mad !!! Is it possible to have both or do I have to go back to Mono sound....
thanks for your advice in advance.......
That's a new one? Are you sure you disconnected the magic eye from the TV aerial socket?
the magic eye is still attached as I was trying to use this to allow me to change channel only and use the s-video and audio leads for picture and sound but when the s-video is plugged into the back of the sky box it stops the rf from working in all rooms. unplug it and everything is fine ??? very confused.
So does it work OK when you disconnect the magic eye from the TV aerial socket? If it does, then leave it disconnected. If it works BUT you need the aerial connection, make/buy a decoupler and connect it through that.
yep the s-video workes really well if the magic eye is in place or with out it in place. but if they are both in place the magic eye locks up preventing me from changing channels. the problem comes if it is removed I am unable to change channel( SKY) so i was trying to use the s-video and audio for picture and sound, while still having the ability to change channels through the magic eye, If I decouple will this stop the magic eye from working as there will be no voltage to run it ?

thanks for your help
Unfortunately I don't understand your answer. Does it work OK when you disconnect the magic eye from the TV aerial socket?
problem fixed, after testing I found that the audio leads caused the magic eye to stop working due to the 9v return path used. to get round the problem you need to put the magic eye in a cable run rather than in the tv. I cut my coax that run from the arial socket to the tv, put a male conector on one end and a female on the other. put the eye in this junction. on the cable from the eye to the tv I followed the decoupling info this stops the voltage reaching the tv and stops the problem. the cable from the aerial socket feeds the magic eye with power enabling you to change channel but the decouple terminates it before it reaches the tv.. All is working well:clap:
Excellent. That's what I thought was the problem but I didn't want to write an essay without being certain.

By the way, you should *never* plug a magic eye directly into the TV aerial socket. The weight of the cable (or wife tripping over it) can cause damage to the TV tuner and to the magic eye.

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