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Quick question - a mate currently has sky, and is upgrading to Sky+. The builder installed two runs of cable into the wall (ie 1 feed from dish, and the other from the box to the loft for a loft box) when the house was built.

Obviously sky+ needs two feeds, so can a diplexer be used to combine two feeds from the dish, to the single downlead, then uncombined to provide the two sky feeds. This obviously introduces several joins, so is the signal likely to remain strong enough (no idea if builder used sat grade cable of course!)

Presumably the second installed cable in the wall can remain as an uplead to pipe the sky signal aroubd the house. I guess it is then just a question of if his loft box is compatable with the magic eye tv link system. (don't know what he has).

As you can guess, the point is to avoid having q second direct feed, as the cable is so neatly concealed within the wall at present!

Cheers, Ali


There is a thing called a "stacker" which puts both dish signals down one cable. They cost about £150. However, unless the cable from the dish is top-notch, you will have big problems. Most aerial installers won't touch them.


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global comms loftbox will work for you here

only needs 2 feeds from sky plus to attic, the loftbox together with expander and diplexer will do everything else

if he gets all 4 lnbs connected during sky plus install run the other 2 cables to the loft box from there he can use one for current sky digibox located somewhere else as freeview box


He's talking about the cable from the dish to the box. A loftbox would be of no use for this.


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if he has 2 cables in sky plus location going back to attic hes okay, hopefully they are rg6 or ct100 or better

i have this arrangement in my own house currently

the 2 skyplus lnbs are connected from dish to loftbox in attic(new cables i.e sky plus installation) and the existing 2 cables he has in main room to attic are then connected to loftbox using a loftbox expander for sky plus


One small point to note,if a builder installed the cables the chance of it being (ct100) or similar will be slim.

Anyway if you are lucky with the cable, brendank is correct in his explanation, the expander will combine both feeds down one cable from the loft and a diplexor will extract it at the other end.

Works well, fitted one today.

PS I am a builder :D

father alice

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Thanks for your replies guys. I did fear the dodgy cable issue with the original builder install - no slight on builders intended!!, will have to wait and see what the signal is like I guess.

Anyway, sounds do-able which is good, and a lot tidier than rerouting cable.

Cheers Ali

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