Sky Upgrade Installation to HD - Details please


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I've currently got Freesat for Sky and want to upgrade to HD. (I know I'm now going to have to subscribe to some Sky package to get any worthwhile HD content.) I've got a couple of detailed questions about the installation process.

1. When the Freesat was put in (not by Sky themselves) I had the installers put in a wallbox, which I see has 2 connectors on it - I didn't want a messy arbitrary length of cable just sticking through the wall.)What currently happens is that the cable from the single LNB runs down and through the wall to the back of the wallbox. There's then a separate cable that runs from one front connector to the back of the standard Skybox.

What I want to happen is to duplicate this arrangement for HD if possible. For connection to a Sky HD box AIUI the dish needs to be modified to take 2 LNBs and then I presume that two separate cables will run down rowards the SKy HD box. Presumably the existing cable will serve for one tuner. Then a second cable will be run and there's no obvious reason why this can't connect to the currently unused second socket on my wallbox with a second cable being run in the room from wallbox to Sky HD box. Again I'm presuming that the Sky HD box has two separate sockets on the back, one for each LNB feed.

So, (i) have I understood this correctly and what I want to do should be OK in principle; and (ii) are the Sky installers likely to play ball with this in practice?

2. There's no phone socket anywhere near the TV position. This doesn't matter for Freesat as it's a fully paid-for install and so no need to connect a phone. But what about an upgrade to Sky HD?


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You are basically correct in your assumptions, the LNB wil have to be upgraded, usually to a quad LNB., the spare capacity could be usewd for a separate Freeview Box in another room. The second feed cable could be run down the wall, and asuming that your wall box has two F style connector sockets, connected to the unused one. If the other connector on the wall box is a normal TV Ae.socket, as is usually the case, then swop the whole box for a twin F type connecting box, or use a converter unit. There will be two F inputs on the HD Box. It s unlikely that SKY will install without there being a suitable telephone connection nearby

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Yep - two LNB cables from two of the outputs from the Quad LNB Sky usually fit to a minidish. You are right that you can repeat what you've done for your current Sky receiver, running the second LNB cable to your wall box and then running a second F-type flying lead from the wall.

Not sure if it is possible to get Freesat HD with just the £10 HD subscription (which I believe enables the HD facilities?) for BBC HD, though I think the phone line is only fully compulsory if you go for multi-room (to check that all receivers are in the same residence they have to be on the same phone number), though I don't know if the interactive discount is still in play or not. You would also need to pay £10 Sky+ subscription as well I think if you want to use the PVR functionality.

I know of at least one person who had a Freesat Sky+ - paying just the £10/month for the Sky + functionality, without subscription for programming.

(In the early days you could remove the need to connect to the phone line by paying about £180 instead of accepting the BiB subsidy that was provided for guaranteeing to stay connected to a phone line for a year)

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